Human Resource and Learning Division

is a strategic partner to BRAC's multifaceted programs that establishes current trends of HR management and practices adopting a qualitative and strategic approach in managing its workforce. The driving forces of Human Resource and Learning Division are procedural justice, transparency, equality, respect for diversity, free from discrimination and recognition of potentials are the key focus-creating a long lasting advantage for the organization.

With a purpose to use its skilled and highly skilled workforce effectively. BRAC foster a culture of organized learning over a given period of time to provide and maximize the change in performance, on the idea that, Human Resources thrives well with knowledge, skills, and motivation of people, that grows better with age and experience-that no other resource can attain.

HRD plays a dominant role in the expansion of BRAC's human capital through continual improvement and growth-of the individual, organization, national and international contributing to human resourcefulness as a whole. BRAC consider employees as its asset whose value is enhanced by development, emphasizing on individual potential and skills.