Human Resource and Learning Division

HR Information System - HRIS

HR Information System - HRIS

HRIS is facilitating in bringing all the staff related information under one umbrella so as to get the maximum benefit. Thus it ensures a proper flow of information within the department as well as other programs. The section also provides IT related support for HRD. The total recruitment process has been brought under IT to make the process faster and eventually make it more efficient.




Initiatives 1 - eRecruitment
Purpose - Job Circular and Staff Recruitment System

Initiatives 2 - HR Dashboard
Purpose - HR Line of Sight 2012-2013 Cluster Unit and Individual target and achievement tracking Tool

Initiatives 3 - Auto PF (Provident Fund) Form decentralization
Purpose - To provide automated PF form generation

Initiatives 4 - New Version of HR Website
New Services:
  - HR Staff Information
  - Staff Separation Information
  - Staff Training Information
  - PC and Avobe Level Staff Information
  - Blood Group wise Staff Information

Initiatives 5 - Integrated Report
Purpose - To Provide HR related reports

Initiatives 1 - Staff Designation collection and update
Purpose - Program wise staff designation update

Initiatives 2 - Monthly Loan, DPS, PF and TAX data collection through HR Branch automation software
Purpose - Monthly data collection from field accounts offices

Initiatives 3 - Staff Profile with picture collection and updating
Purpose - Staff profile update with new Picture update

Initiatives 4 - CGD (Computer Generated Document) Tools Developemnt
Purpose - To provide parper less promotion letter generation

Initiatives 1 - Complaint Management System (CMS)
Purpose - For SHarE Unit.

Initiatives 2 - All HRDFO connected with Internet
Purpose - Each office two modem.

Initiatives 3 - Document Tracker
Purpose - Ensure all the documents that get into HRD from outside.

Initiatives 4 - SHAKO
Purpose - Keeps track on tasks that move around the sections / Units.

Initiatives 5 - All staff ID card generation after Logo change
Purpose - This is possible for VPN implementation.

Initiatives 6 - All staff ID card generation after Logo change
Purpose - HO and field.

Initiatives 1 - VPN Technology implement to all HR field offices with RD web Technology
Purpose - Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Initiatives 2 - Confirmation letter generation process
Purpose - HR office wise easy generate of confirmation letter.

Initiatives 3 - Website Development (
Purpose - Its a common portal for all HR officers and an information center for all BRAC Staff.

Initiatives 4 - License Anti Virus purchase and installed
Purpose - For free Virus.

Initiatives 1 - Recruitment (Auto Interview Card, Exam Process and Deployment system)
Purpose - Auto Interview card generation and Faster Examination, Selection and deployment process.

Initiatives 2 - Increment/Adjustment slip off and auto transfer to EDMS
Purpose - Transfers documents that we generate into compatible to fit EDMS.

Initiatives 3 - Promotion Exam system and Letter generation process
Purpose - Promotion process more easier.

Initiatives 4 - Branch HR Module
Purpose - A tracking system which provide an update about salary information.

Initiatives 1 - Transfer Order Generation Tools
Purpose - Staff transfer is being tracked and easier to manage.

Initiatives 2 - HR Branch Automation System
Purpose - It will bring motivation and efficiency to the staff as they are getting instant financial support.

Initiatives 1 - Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
Purpose - This system has replaced hard papers with no paper at all.

Initiatives 2 - Field Requisition system and Staff joining Control (BRAC Staff)
Purpose - Paper handover tracking system between HRDFO and HO.

Initiatives - Auto Attendance System
Purpose - Auto punch system replaced by khata.

Initiatives - Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
Purpose - It has eight modules. HR related all activities has solved by these module.

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