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Staff Separation Management-SSM

Staff Separation Management-SSM

The separation unit deals with all the papers of the employees who are leaving BRAC. It might be retirement, termination, dismissal, maternity or paternity leave, release order, resignation etc. All these goes to the separation unit and they deals with this kind of situations. Staff Separation Management Unit execute five different types of tasks, which are:

  • Resignation
  • Retirement and Voluntary Retirement
  • Termination
  • Final Payment
  • Redundancy



  • Receive resignation and Release Order.
  • Prepare and disburse Resignation Acceptance Letter.
  • Prepare Termination Letter to disburse.
  • Prepare the list of staffs to be retired after six months.
  • Receive prayer for staffs voluntary retirement through Program/Division/Department.
  • Preparing final payment.

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