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Grievance Management Unit - GMU

Grievance Management Unit - GMU

Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Elimination Policy are the integral parts of BRACs value and culture. Sexual Harassment Elimination (SHarE) and Staff Relations Section of HRD plays a vital role in the organization to ensure a respectful and friendly working environment. The section facilitates the management of all the Grievance-related cases in BRAC, with a special focus on sexual harassment related grievances. This section is continuously working with a view of ensuring friendly working environment for the female staff especially.


To manage employee rights in order to have a Sexual harracement and abuse free work environment in BRAC.


  • Grievance Management.
  • Dissemination of Sexual Harassment Elimination SHE Policy.
  • Establishment of a free flow of information system.
  • Assistance to the Ombudspersons Office.
  • Follow up and Monitoring of grievance related decisions.

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