Human Resource and Learning Division


From the early stages of its evolution, the Human Resource Division (HRD) has been working with a goal to maximize job satisfaction, enhance transparency and ensure procedural justice for all employees. As one of the world’s largest Development Organizations, BRAC has a wide variety of multifaceted development programs. A large number of qualified, potential and committed staff is required to attain the organization’s goal and to operate these programs effectively. HRD has to provide extensive effort to ensure that the staff are appraised properly and are also provided with due services and entitlements in time. HRD tries to ensure an environment where the staff are nurtured and considered as absolute resources. To this end, HRD is committed to guarantee the assignment of right people in the right place at the right time, to flourish human potentials and provide a decent work environment.

HRD is a strategic partner of BRAC, working with the goal to ensure procedural justice, intensify transparency along with equality and facilitate such an organizational environment where individual’s potentials & competencies are flourished and innovation, organizational change as well as quality are promoted. HRD is working persistently to achieve total quality by ensuring a trustworthy, dynamic and esteemed working environment.

  • Excel BRAC’s culture and values to enable an environment of right-based human organization.
  • Facilitate finest level of staff development
  • Develop a competent workforce to institute gender justice and diversity - where staff is encouraged for best possible contribution,irrespective of class, religion, ethnicity, cast, ability, age and sex.
  • Develop Performance Appraisal system to recognize good work as well as enhance quality and accountability.
  • Keep the Management updated by preserving and disseminating updated staff's information.
  • Regularize and increase easy access to HR related information and services of all staffs
  • Policy formulation/revision, implementation and monitoring.

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